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The Finance Department is responsible for all financial and statistical reporting as well as preparing and managing the district budget. Our office is located in the District Office, 213 Fourth Avenue. Our office can be contacted by calling (509) 829-5911 or by fax at (509) 829-6290. We are open Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

Staff Member(s):

Craig McCloud

Director of Finance and Operations

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ZSD ASB reporting requirements


F195 BUDGET 2014-2015

F195 BUDGET OVERVIEW 2014-2015

F195 BUDGET 2015-2016

F195 BUDGET OVERVIEW 2015-2016

F195 BUDGET 2016-2017

F195 BUDGET OVERVIEW 2016-2017

F195 BUDGET 2017-2018

F195 BUDGET OVERVIEW 2017-2018

F195 BUDGET 2018-2019

F195 BUDGET OVERVIEW 2018-2019

F195 BUDGET 2019-2020

F195 BUDGET OVERVIEW 2019-2020